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Welcome to the PostpartumMen online forum. This is the first and only online community for men with concerns about depression, anxiety or other mood disruptions after the birth of a child. We hope this is a comfortable place for you to find information and get support from other dads to help in your recovery. Please be aware that PostpartumMen reserves the right to delete any post that we believe is inflammatory, derogatory or hurtful. We want the men who post here to know they’re safe from judgement when revealing their very private concerns. I will try to visit the forum as much as possible. However, this forum is primarily intended to serve as an online community of self-help and mutual support. If you have a concern about a posting, email me at DrWill@SadDaddy.com. Please understand that I am unable to respond to individual emails regarding mental health concerns.


Welcome To The New Forum, Dads! Please Join The Discussion
« on: October 17, 2017, 01:26:05 PM »
First, I really want to thank Rob for his welcome and for sharing his story. Anyone who's been on this site before knows that Rob provided a TON of support, counsel and encouragement to other dads who were struggling. I and all those other dads are extremely grateful to him for that.

I also want to say that I'm SO sorry that we're not able to show all of the previous posts to this forum. When we updated the site and switched platforms, we were unable to move the previous posts to the new forum.

I know it's a little daunting to get the discussion going at first. But once dads get started talking here, there's a lot of support and dialogue. So, I encourage you to jump in.

Wishing you the best with fatherhood!

Dr. Will

P.S.  We DO still have a file of all of the old posts. If anyone has the tech know-how to get those posts onto this new platform, we'd really appreciate your help. And those posts were invaluable to a lot of dads.
Re: Welcome To The New Forum, Dads! Please Join The Discussion
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can you please stop the spam???